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Covid-19 FAQ

I had previously booked before lockdown, now what do I do?

Let us know which date, time, room and player numbers you would like to rebook with, and we will use the previous credit for your new booking. This can be done either by email info@escapismchester.co.uk or phone 01244 377 297.

I purchased a Gift Voucher when will it expire?

There are no expiry dates on any of our vouchers.

What are you putting in place to keep customers safe?

At Escapism Chester, the health and safety of our staff and customers is paramount.

We are continuing to follow the Governments guidelines and therefore request that customers;

  • Wear a mask whilst in our reception area
  • To sanitise their hands upon entering and leaving the room
  • To arrive 15 minutes prior to their start time. If customers are late, their booking may unfortunately be cancelled without refund

I can no longer attend my booking due to covid, what do i do?

Please contact us either via email info@escapismchester.co.uk or call 01244 377 297 at your earliest chance so we can rearrange the booking for you. If you are unsure as to when you can attend, we can hold the booking as credit until everyone is available. There is no expiry date to this.

What is Escapism?

Escapism is a live escape room experience. You will be locked in a room for 60 minutes and challenged to hunt clues & solve puzzles to make your escape.

Each room is designed around a different story or experience. We want to creatively challenge your brain and spark your imagination!

Who can play?

Live escape rooms appeal to all. Teams can be made of friends, family, work colleagues etc. A fantastic form of team building for a corporate event or a great warm up for a birthday/stag/hen party.

Can I partake if I am pregnant?

Of course! In The Missing there is a part of the room that may require some crouching but only one person of the group is needed to do this. There may also be a few loud noises to be aware of.

Is the experience difficult?

If you enjoy puzzles, problem solving, and working as a team, Escapism puts all of those skills to the test in our fun themed rooms.

How many rooms do you have?

We have five rooms providing different Escapism experiences but due to Covid-19 we have decided to reduce capacity to avoid customers coming into contact with one another - find out more about our rooms.

How much does it cost?

  • 2 players - £21 per person
  • 3 players - £20 per person
  • 4 players - £17.50 per person
  • 5 players - £16 per person
  • 6 players - £15 per person

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely. All of our rooms are monitored by our staff and have been designed to be a fun, challenging experience. If, for whatever reason, you want to leave the room, you can at anytime.

Are there age limits?

We would recommend that younger players are at least 10 years old to get the best Escapism experience.

Any players under 16 MUST have an adult on site in case of any issues.

How many people can play each room?

Radioactive and Taken are designed for a maximum of 5 people and a minimum of 2.

Legacy, Amphitheatre and The Missing are designed for a maximum of 6 people and a minimum of 2.

We have 7 players can we all go in one room?

Unfortunately no, you will have to book two rooms.

When are you open?

We’re open 10am - 10pm 7 days a week. We are only closed on Christmas Day and have limited opening times over the Christmas period.

Accessibility and special requirements

We can confirm that our venue does have wheelchair access. Very few aspects of the game require physical movements but we do advise that at least one member of the team does not have mobility problems. Sadly, our Amphitheatre and The Missing rooms are not wheelchair accessible. Bookings for our other rooms would require a minimum of 1 able bodied person.

Some clues may require the ability to hear. If there are any members who may be hard of hearing, please inform us prior to your arrival so we can cater for this. A sound will be made on occasions to alert people to clues, so it is advisable to have at least one member of the group who can hear. However, our Amphitheatre room would require at least two members who can hear.

The majority of clues and puzzles are visual ones.

What if someone is claustrophobic?

Our rooms our fairly spacious, players are monitored on CCTV for any issues and there is an emergency key located in each room so players can leave at any time if they wish to do so.

Is there car parking available?

Parking is available directly below our location in a public car park. The car park is accessed via Delamere Street. Once parked take the George Street exit and make your way to the ground floor via the life/stairs. Exit the building, turn left and you’re at Escapism Chester. Tariffs vary depending on time of arrival and length of stay.

Please note, during busy periods the car park may be full so please leave additional time to find alternative parking which can either be found at Garden Lane Car Park CH1 4EN or Canal Street CH1 4EJ which are further away from our location.

Any other questions?

Please get in touch with us to have any enquiries answered.

Book Online, Call 01244 377 297
or email info@escapismchester.co.uk for more info

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