Dad’s Go Free This Father’s Day!

Dad’s Go Free This Father’s Day!


Unsure what gift to get Dad? Has he still not got through all his socks from Christmas? Has he not opened the aftershave you got him last year?

Then why not lock him away this Father’s Day and save some money whilst you do it!

You can all enjoy the adventure of escaping by working together to find clues, hunt for codes and solve puzzles to escape one of our 5 themed rooms!


Book online and leave a note saying one free dad will be coming however, there are a few limitations.


- Only valid on Sunday 18th June 23

- Minimum 2 paying players per room

- Only one free dad per room

- Cannot be used with any other offer

- Not valid on Gift Vouchers

- Limited availability

- Must not exceed maximum room numbers


Taken 3/5 difficulty.

The kidnapper has Taken Dad and locked him away, now it’s up to you to save him before the kidnapper returns in one hour.


The Missing 4/4 difficulty.

People have gone Missing in the woods and you and Dad have been assigned to see what has happened to them. Unfortunately, everyone goes Missing after an hour so that’s all you will have before you may go Missing too.


Radioactive 4/4 difficulty

There has been an explosion at the local power plant and Dad has started to turn into a mutant! It’s probably best to head down to the bunker to find the cure otherwise dad will completely change in one hour!


Museum Heist 4/4 difficulty

Agents, Dad is the leader of the group to break into the Museum and steal a precious relic which is only here for Father’s Day! Security have just left and will be back in one hour!


Legacy 5/5 difficulty

Dad has discovered the will of Lady Mary and not only does he want to be treated like a king on Father’s Day, he also wants to find the jewels of Lady Mary. However, she has been buried with them so down to the cemetery you go! The crypt keep has just left, he will be back in one hour, he is quite handy with a shovel!

Book Online, Call 01244 377 297
or email for more info

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