Dinner and an Escape Room

Dinner and an Escape Room


The perfect date doesn’t ex….

Hang on!

Dinner plus and Escape room! The perfect date does exist! If you are looking for a memorable first date or just something new for your date night we have the perfect idea!

First date?

Escape rooms are a brilliant way to break the ice and a great way to get to know each other. It’s fun, exciting and helps to distract from any first date jitters. After you have solved puzzles, riddles and escape together you can head off into town for a lovely meal. Not only will you have already started to get to know each other but you will also have something to chat about before the food arrives. No worrying about having to come up with date small talk, you can chat about the puzzles and the room and talk about maybe doing another one? (Second date!)

Date night?

Looking for a new fresh date idea? Escape rooms are such a great way for you and your partner to escape the day-to-day stress and have a well deserved laugh together. It’s a brilliant adventure and a fab activity that you can do as a couple!

Escapism Chester is just a ten-minute walk from the centre of town, so once you have escaped you can head to one of the many restaurants in Chester. Hickory or Sergio’s are lovely for an evening date. If you are looking for a brunch date after a morning escape we recommend the Flower cup, a lovely brunch menu with plenty of choices!

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