Half Term Fun!

Half Term Fun!


Half Term is here is here and you parents will be looking for activities to keep your kids occupied! Planning play dates, activities, and are searching for new ways to entertain your children. Have you ever thought - wouldn’t it be nice to just have one hour to myself with a good book or even just to have one moment of peace? Well, we have the answer for you right here!

We will happily lock your children in a room for an hour and you can sit in our peaceful waiting area with a cup of coffee and enjoy the delightful silence. And whilst you breath that sigh of relief our hard-working and friendly staff can look after them for a bit. We will be watching and listening to them the whole time and can make all our room’s child friendly. So, you can sit back with no worries and know that your kids are well taken care of.

It is also an amazing way to tucker them out before bedtime. As they solve clues, puzzles and riddles they will not only have a great time but will also exercise their minds for a bit. We encourage them use teamwork, communication skills, and fun whilst they attempt their escape. Their imaginations can run wild and hopefully they will love it so much they will want to come back again in the future!

So, head on over to Escapism Chester to have a little rest while your kids enjoy an adventure!

Book Online, Call 01244 377 297
or email info@escapismchester.co.uk for more info

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