How to become an Escape Room Expert!

How to become an Escape Room Expert!


Do you want to be the best you can be at escape rooms? We have a few tips for you to give you a head start!

Divide and conquer!

It is always a good idea to split up and have a good look around. Teamwork is of course very important, but it is always a good idea to try and do a few things at once. Two people can split from the group and can keep searching for other clues whilst a task is being tackled by other players. By doing this you are completing tasks or finding clues twice as fast.

Two rooms?

If there are two or more rooms, sometimes you might still have unfinished puzzles in the first room. So, once you’ve moved on to the next room and your stuck for what to do next, it doesn’t do any harm to go back to the first room and check if there are any connections to the new room.

Write things down

This doesn’t mean on the wall or on clues. But a lot of escape rooms have white boards or clipboards to write codes down on. That way you can tick things off as you go! Such a time saver because then you know what you have already used. There is always that one person asking ‘have we used that code yet?’

Look up, look down, look all around

Many clues are right under your nose! There is a tendency to overcomplicate. Even the experts miss the obvious. So have a good look around, check all the drawers, vessels (unless you have been told otherwise of course). There could be codes, clues, puzzles, hidden doors, keys – you never know!


It is so important to keep communicating whilst you are in the room. Although it is good to split up it is always a good idea to say ‘guys I have found something’ or ‘I finished this puzzle’. That way no one is going to try and do the same thing over. Also two brains are better than one, so it is always a good

Use clues!

Don’t be too proud and not allow clues. Even the best escapers need clues sometimes. There is no shame in that! And if a clue has come through and you don’t think you need it, the chances are you do as your host is keep a close eye on you.

Try not to watch the clock

Sometimes it’s a good idea to check the time now and then. But often it just stresses you out more and slows you down. Focus on the task at hand and try and have fun while you are at it. Of course the aim of the game is to escape, but don’t forget to have a fab time along the way!

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