Questions With a Game Host!

Questions With a Game Host!


Ever wonder what it’s like to be an escape room host? Well one of our own is here to tell you all about there experience.

Georgia is one of out Duty Managers and joined us in September 2021.


What makes the best escaper?

Groups that work as a team but also split up to do their own things. The most successful groups are always the ones that communicate with each other and helps when they are bit entertaining too

What is your favourite room?

Probably Radioactive. It is our newest room and I think it has the most surprises. Customers always really seem to enjoy it. Even though I leave humming the theme music it is still the one I recommend to everyone. 

How fast do you reset?

People think that it seems difficult to put rooms back together again but after a while you get used to it. I tend not to really think about it. It is just second nature now.  However, it makes it easier when groups leave the padlocks near where they found them rather than putting them altogether in the corner, then we have to work out where each lock goes which slows us down a little! 

What should customers not do?

Breaking things is always a no go. Trying codes on all the locks after you have already opened something with that code.  We also don’t like when customers get angry with us, we know it is stressful in the room but we are here to help you; we are on your side!  Yell at your teammates instead!  

What’s your favourite snack to eat whilst watching?

Monster drinks and Cheetos …mmm healthy

What’s the favourite part of your job?

Other than my brilliant colleagues (they weren’t forced to say this) customers that genuinely love our rooms are the best to watch. Of course there is the social aspect as well, doing briefs and chatting to customers about their experience is always rewarding.

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