School Trips to Escapism Chester

School Trips to Escapism Chester


It’s that time of year! School is almost out and either you are planning and end of year treat or you are preparing for summer school activities. Chester as plenty to offer in the way of friendly school activities. Here are three top ideas for you!

Chester zoo for a day.

Chester Zoo is an obvious choice for a reason. It is the most visited zoo in the UK and is perfect for children to explore. They are a conservation charity who help to prevent extinction. Which is so important for young ones to learn about whilst they meet all the animals. Chester Zoo also offer virtual zoo experiences that you can use in the classroom!

Sick to death

Kids love gross stuff! Sick to death takes you on a journey through the history of medicine and illness. It is an educational and interactive experience that will make you very grateful for modern medicine! A fab experience for the students to learn but also have a bit of fun also!

Escapism Chester

Escapism Chester is an award-winning escape room that provides brilliant and exciting experience! We will lock the students up for an hour while they search and solve puzzles and work together. It is great for team building and improving problem solving skills. There is a choice of five rooms with different stories and adventures. The students will step into a different world for an hour and escape school and homework for a little bit. We guarantee an exciting and fun time that will bring them together as classmates and friends!

Whatever you decide we hope you enjoy your school trip and that you teachers get a good rest!


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