Students and Escape Rooms

Students and Escape Rooms


Need something to spend your student finance on?

Searching for something to past the time to relax between studies? Why not try out one of our escape rooms!

University is the time for fun and new experiences! Chester has so much to offer and if you are new to the area, it is worth exploring and finding the hidden gems. You should not only make the most of your university experience, but you should also use the benefits of being a student whilst you can! Chester is a student friendly city, and it is always worth checking if you can get a cheeky discount. From Bella Italia to Falafel Express to Music Hall Tap to Escapism Chester. Starting your first year of university sometimes it takes a while to make friends and finding the perfect activity is a great way to make a start. Escape rooms are perfect for bonding with your new roommates or having a laugh with your long-time friends. It is also a lovely way to break up the week in between studying and deadlines.

With a 10% percentage discount with a valid student ID, escape rooms are not only good entertainment but also good on the pocket.

Being a locked up in a room together… what a way to break the ice?

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