Unlocking Accessibility at Escapism Chester: Ensuring Everyone Can Enjoy the Thrill

Unlocking Accessibility at Escapism Chester: Ensuring Everyone Can Enjoy the Thrill


At Escapism Chester, we believe that the thrill of a live escape room experience should be accessible to everyone. Our commitment to inclusivity drives us to continually improve and adapt our facilities and services, ensuring all guests, regardless of their abilities, can participate fully in the excitement. Here's an overview of the accessibility features and what you can expect when you visit us.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Navigating through our escape rooms in a wheelchair? No problem. With the exception of The Missing, we have designed our Escape rooms with wheelchair users in mind. We have:

Visual and Hearing Impairments

For guests with visual or hearing impairments, we offer several accommodations to enhance your experience:

Assistance Animals

Escapism Chester welcomes assistance animals. If you require the help of a service animal, please inform us in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements to accommodate your furry companion comfortably.

Planning Your Visit

We encourage all guests to visit our https://www.escapismchester.co.uk/accessibility/ for detailed information on our facilities and services.

At Escapism Chester, we're dedicated to making sure that everyone can enjoy the thrill and challenge of our escape rooms. We continuously work to enhance our accessibility features and welcome feedback from our guests to improve further.

So gather your team, plan your adventure, and get ready to unlock fun at Escapism Chester – where every escape is a shared experience for all. For more detailed information or to discuss specific needs please contact us at info@escapismchester.co.uk or call 01244 377297


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